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Unexpectedly creampied by her trainer

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Uploaded on: February 2, 2022

Her trainer unexpectedly creampied her, which was not what Angelina expected. She had been working with her physical trainer for months, striving to shape her body for the upcoming summer season. Angelina had been religiously following her workout routine and had even started watching her diet. She was determined to achieve that perfect beach body she had always fantasized about.

So, when her trainer proposed doing some of their sessions by the pool, Angelina agreed wholeheartedly. She loved the warm sun on her skin and the refreshing feeling of being in the water. Moreover, it added an extra challenge to her workouts. Little did she know that this decision would lead to an unexpected and unforgettable experience.

As she lunged by the pool, she noticed her trainer’s eyes lingering on her body a little longer than usual. She dismissed it, assuming it was his way of ensuring she was doing the exercises correctly. But as the session proceeded, she couldn’t help but notice his growing bulge in his shorts. This sudden change in their dynamic shocked and slightly aroused Angelina. She attempted to concentrate on her workout, but her thoughts kept drifting to her trainer’s arousal. Before she knew it, he was pushing her against the poolside, kissing her and exploring her body with his hands. In the heat of the moment, they both forgot their whereabouts and surrendered to their desires. Her trainer unexpectedly creampied her right there by the pool. The risky and thrilling experience was something she would never forget. Catching their breaths, Angelina couldn’t help but think that maybe working out by the pool wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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